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Various Reports 27-29th August – Including TOUR!!!!

No Reports from 1st or 2nd XI

Kempton CC vs 3rd XI

KEMPTON 160-9 45 OVERS – TD 133 ALL OUT (44 OVERS)


Kempton needed to win this game to maintain their chances of being promoted, but there is absolutely no need to win at all costs and to verbally abuse our umpire Brian has no place in this fair game.

Jai won the toss and rightly elected to bowl on what looked like a cabbage patch. The Kempton postage stamp second wicket is notorious for big totals, but it is with great credit to all of the TD bowlers young and old that we kept the lid on any attempts of Kempton to get out of the straight jacket they found themselves in. Martin Annable bowled beautifully 9 overs 3-28 whilst youngsters Tom Coulson-Smith and Sam Muller both performed very well with 2-31 and 1-36 in their 9 over spells respectively. With Andy Cassie  being miserly with 2-16 off his 9 (including 5 wides) it was arguably our best bowling performance of the season and if our fielding had been up to scratch then Kempton wouldn’t have made the 160 they eventually made. At least 5 drops probably made a difference of 30 runs which in the end was enough to deny us what would have been a welcome victory.

Now we come to controversy. With Brian umpiring we know he is fair often to the detriment of his own team. As Brian does; he gives what he sees and if its straight he gives it. The second lbw, their 9th wicket at 130 scored was met with a torrent of abuse from their batsman Crossley – a man who was old enough to know better (possibly old enough to be my dad) and being a Leeds supporter still doesn’t allow him to call the umpire a cheating C*** not helped by their other standing umpire who had also been given out lbw saying to Brian “they were both f***ing crap decisions and you know it”. It is a very sad moment when this happens at third eleven level – any level in fact. We all hate being given out lbw but there is no excuse for this behaviour. I hope something does happen over this it is simply the worst incident I have seen on a cricket pitch – even worse than Sinjuns and look whats just happened to them. I hope justice takes its proper path on this. Imagine if Steve Wallace and Paul Campbell had been playing, World War Three anybody ?

Batting has been our achilles heel and it was yet again. When Rigby was out for 18 – TD languished at 34-5 off 17 overs, all so familiar. Enter Rajeev and Cassie (I’m writing this again so there is a little bias) and after a shakey (not Stevens) first few overs confidence built as both batsmen hit the ball regularly to all parts of the ground. One six by my goodself off the Yorkie ended up well down the road to the Kempton Kebab house. At just over 100 however both batsmen perished – Dayal for 26 and Cassie for 37. The end followed soon after much to the excitement of the yobbish Kempton followers on the edge of the boundary.

One other thing of note was the appearance of Francois Piriou who surely will become our first French international cricketer. I wouldn’t argue with him for sure and sooner rather than later he will deliver a really good display – bit like his need to show off his genitals for most of the afternoon. Obvious a french cricket idea.

So we lose again but really we play the game in the right spirit, what was shown by Kempton on Saturday was dreadful and should have no place in our game – full stop. There is very little to choose between all sides in this league but if it involves an attitude as displayed by Kempton on Saturday then please let them be promoted.


Tour Report

TD travelled down the A303 by the 20th consecutive tour of Devon for the 2nd instalment of the 2016 Swans series.

The 20 strong squad travelled down on Saturday evening in good spirits following the Saturday games. Upon arrival at Holland Hall in Exeter university the players had a couple of quick drinks before having an “early” night. Debutants Vaughan, Harding and Piriou decided that the outside paving and bushes needed some minor re-decorating and landscaping.

Sunday 28th September.

Shobrooke Park Sunday XI vs TDCC Touring Team

On the Sunday TD had a warm up match against Shobooke Park Sunday XI. Harding was controversially left out and Richard “The Fridge” Maughan was given an additional rest day. Pemberton T and Patel were allowed to play for the opposition to ensure that the majority of the squad had some game time prior to the Swans match in a “40” overs a side game.

TD won the toss and batted first. Vasudev and Pemberton J opened with the former caught early for 3. Debutant Vaughan also went for 3, bowled. Michael Dixon then holed out at long off for 0. FelixRaj (proper names only) joined Vasudev and the pair put on 40 before Vasudev was out for 31. Butt joined Felixraj but he was quickly run out. Piriou was the next debutant and he was out bowled for 0. Felixraj soon followed LBW for 23. Weir and Dixon C then put on a lot. Weir out for 39 including the only 6 of the innings and Dixon 18. Last pair Morgan 11 and Jarvis 1* finished the TD innings on 154 all out in 27.3 overs.

After tea the Shobrooke Park openers T Pemberton and overseas Jacques Budricks went out to face Joe “I’m steaming in” Jarvis. Jarvis did mange to hit Pemberton in the box second ball much to everyone’s delight. However Weir was struggling behind the stumps which allowed Shobrooke to get off to a flyer even though no runs were scored off the bat. TD had done their homework and Morgan’s second ball to Pemberton was a leg side full toss which he hit in the air for Felix to take the catch at square leg for 0. However that is as good as it got for TD as Dudricks and Youngman both scored 50s to win the match by 9 wickets. It might have been a different game had Butt held onto the four catches he dropped (the book doesn’t lie).

Shobrooke Park Sunday won by 9 wickets.

Sunday 28th September

Shobrooke Park Sunday vs TD touring Team 15 overs a side

Due to the short nature of the first game a second match was played. Shobrooke batted first and scored 120 for 4 in their 15 overs. With Felixraj getting 2 wickets, Chris Dixon 1 and Piriou his first tour wicket. Though he could have had two of Harding had not dropped a sitter of a catch.

Jarvis was first out for TD in response, caught Jai Patel bowled Mickey Wright. Piriou soon followed for 1. Morgan and Harding started scoring runs quickly before Morgan was out caught for 16. Harding was joined by Dixon C. Harding was then out bowled for 38 and Chicko out for 12. They were soon followed by Vasudev and Felixraj. TD looked like they might wobble again however Butt scored 31 off 16 balls to win the game for TD in the last over.

Thames Ditton Touring Team won by 3 wickets.

Monday 29th September

Shobrooke Park Friendly Team vs Thames Ditton Touring Team.

On the Monday the squad travelled to Crediton for a team bonding session in one of the towns local establishments. The squad arrived at the beautifully picturesque ground on a perfect late Summers day. Captain Ducko went for experience in his selection with Douglas returning after a 12 year absence along with Farley, Cassie and Dryden in the team. TD won the toss and elected to bat. The Fridge and Tom “Moby” Pemberton opened the batting and decided that they needed to provide a platform and batted sensibly, so much so that running a second run was not risked. However Maughan was then run out in a mix up with Pemberton. During the incident Maughan injured his ankle, calf or was it his shoulder and was unable to continue playing. His tour was over before it had begun. Hamizilla was the number 3 and got off the mark pulling a six behind square off the youngster James. It was then noticed at this point that the Swan trophy had been left behind at the university halls and Dixon C had to leave the match to get the trophy he left in his room. Having dropped anchor, Pemberton then drove loosely and was caught at slip off the chucking of Trendy. Felixraj joined Butt and the pair took the score past 100 before they were both out two balls to David Manning, scoring 29 and 37. Dryden then faced the hat trick ball but Manning was to good and Dryden could do nothing with delivery and was caught at slip. Some may say that the reverse scope was an adventurous shot to play first ball but no one on either side was critical of the shot selection that was for the greater good. Farley 10, Jarvis 10 were next out. Cassie 5*and Douglas 18* saw TD home to 169 for 7 in 20 overs.

In Shobrooke’s first innings, Ducko decided that attack was the best form of defence and set a field with 4 slips and 2 gulleys for Dixon C who opened the bowling having just returned back in time with the trophy. The first ball thundered into the overseas pro’s pad. Jarvis from behind the stumps was certain that it was straight so a review was called. Piriou was summoned from the bench as the Pétanque specialist in the newly trialled Pokèmon review system. He was unsuccessful. Next ball Shobrooke’s Mickey Wright was caught at first slip by Dryden. Who also reviewed the decision believing it came off his arm but he was also unable to have the decision overturned. Dixon C then had the number 3 caught at leg slip following his body line tactics. By now the ball was reversing and when Manning D left his first ball he was surprised to see his middle stump knocked back. Shobrooke’s captain Manning B was able to see off the rest of the over. A triple wicket maiden was the perfect start for TD. Ducko was then less tidy in his opening over going for 29 with the South African Budricks Taking a liking to his bowling.

In his second over Retardo (Chris Dixon) keep up the pressure with another wicket, Cassie taking the catch in the slips, Dixon C finished with 2-1-10-4. To keep up the pressure on Ducko turned to Cassie and Douglas. Both taking wickets as the runs continued to flow. During this time the Devon County Cricketer Dan Pyle had arrived to the crease. With Jamie Plumberton in the pavilion, Geoff Dryden was intrusted with the responsibility of bowling to him and as usual The Dog did not let the side down and took the wicket of Pyle caught at cover deceived by his slower ball. Farley, Butt and Felixraj were the next bowlers with Felixraj taking 2-8. Pemberton and Praba ‘Serena Williams’ Vasudev (who was Maughan’s replacement) finished the innings. Vasudev took the final wicket of Filthy with Ben Trenaman 50 not out at the end. Shobrooke where 16 ahead at Tea.

During tea the squad heard the news that they didn’t want to hear, David ‘The Runs’ Packington was stuck in traffic on the M5 and was not going to make the game in time to play. TD changed things around at half time replacing the experienced Farley, Douglas, Dryden, Cassie and Pebo with the youthful Weir, Harding, Jamie ‘Roof’ Pemberton, Piriou and Patel coming into the side. It was at this moment when Mike Dixon decided to jump ship and leave the captaincy to another player. A move so cowardly it has not been seen since 2012 when Dixon decided that his brother was the captain when the Swans trophy looked like it would remain in Devon. Jamie Pemberton took over the captaincy.

The 2nd innings didn’t get off to a great start as Chris Dixon was out first ball, much to the delight of everyone else in the TD duck race. However number 3 Jamie Pemberton soon joined him in the lead in the duck race as he was out for 0. Serena Vasudev scored 10. As Jarvis joined Piriou at the crease. Piriou got off the mark with a brutal 4 though cover, however he was then denied a lot of the strike as Jarvis nurdled his way to 23 off 31 balls before he was out bowled. Piriou was out bowled for 10 soon after and quickly followed by Patel 9, Harding 18 and Felixraj 9. Hamizilla then scored a quick fire 36 off 15 balls before Morgan finished the TD innings with 24.

At the final interval, TD led by 126 runs, was it enough? No. Shobrooke Park’s openers made light work of the TD total before Harding had Phil Anning out for 76. Jamie Pemberton then claimed three quick wickets. However, even off his long run, he couldn’t get Pyle out. Though Chris Dixon denied him a catch in the deep by coming on to the field of play to take a catch in from of Piriou. No ball was called by the home umpire and Pyle remained to score the winning runs for Shobrooke Park.

Shobrooke Park won by 6 wickets.

The swan trophy remains in Devon this year for it to be up for grabs in May 2017.

Thames Ditton did take some consolation by winning stumpy after the game. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those at Shobrooke Park, especially Cousin Jake And his wife Louise for their hospitality. And Michael Dixon for organising another excellent tour.

I would like to also deny rumours that a Thames Ditton player broke the toilet window of the listed pavilion building and required a hospital visit for stitches and also that a Thames Ditton player passed out in the toilets of the nightclub Rococos and the bouncer had to unlock the door to throw him out, that is definitely not true.

An excellent tour, enjoyed by all. Onto 2017.

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