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Match Reports 17th June

Thames Ditton CC – 1st XI Vs Newdigate CC, Surrey – 1st Xl

Fixture Details

Type : League: Surrey County League 1st XI Division 1 – 2017 Date : Saturday 17th June 2017
Toss: Thames Ditton CC – 1st XI won the toss and elected to bat Start Time: 13:00
Ground: Thames Ditton Cricket Club Rules Type: Standard

Result Summary

Result:    Thames Ditton CC – 1st XI – Win – Time by 21 runs
Thames Ditton CC – 1st XI Newdigate CC, Surrey – 1st Xl
Score 239 all out (49.5 overs) ‘b’ ‘t’ 218 all out (45.4 overs)
Game Points 20 0
Penalty Points 0 0
Batting Points 0 4
Bowling Points 0 4
Total Points 20 8

The 1s have had a mixed start to the season, winning 2 out of our 6 games and sitting precariously above the drop zone.

Saturday was a scorcher, the track was a belter and TD were ready for Newdigate (3rd in the division).

Jarvis won the toss and decided to bat first (“thank god” cried the team). However, it was not a good start. Good bowling and poor shots (M. Dixon chipping a full toss to a man who surprised himself that he caught it and A.Terrington hitting a tame cut to gully). TD were 50-4…

Williams, starved of runs this year, took it upon himself to rebuild the inning with O.Park; they batted sensibly, ticking the score along until ‘squash’ was eventually out for 19.

Blumire joined O. Williams and counter attacked with a swash-buckling 31, O. Williams falling for a wonderful 70 and J. Jarvis chipping in with 20 no.

TD had managed to muster 239-10 in 49 overs, the target…240 off 46.

The pitch was still a belter and Newdigate were a strong batting team. Slightly wayward bowling let the openers get off to a good start before H. Weir got one to nip away from the right hander.

Weir and H. Butt off, M.Dixon and J.Jarvis on. J. Jarvis’ first over was…poor, he served up a bouncer to the oversea who duly dispatched it for 6, followed up by a clip for 4 off his pads. It was clear TD needed him early.

Jarvis bowled the overseas player next over and M. Dixon trapped the opener for lbw, Newdigate were teetering on 80-3.

However, most teams would have gone in to their shell, not Newdigate. They continued to knuckle down; score runs and see off overs. “9-10 overs and we’ve won” was the cry from numbers 4 and 5, they dug in.

Quality fast bowling from the rejuvenated J. Jarvis caused all sorts of problems and finally, with a ‘dicket’ esq delivery, the partnership was broken. J. Jarvis continued to take wickets and soon Newdigate found themselves 150-6.

Another partnership formed, the Dixon brothers tried hard with no luck, then finally, out of nowhere, a silly run out and TD were back in the game. H. Butt fired in a yorker to leave the oppo 8 down. With three overs to go J. Jarvis took a stunning return catch and in the final over, with 5 balls remaining the tail-enders of Newdigate went for an unnecessary third run and O. Williams did the business.

A brilliant game, wonderful cricket played by both teams.


Old Pauline CC – 2nd XI Vs Thames Ditton CC – 2nd XI

Fixture Details

Type : League: Surrey County League 2nd XI Premier – 2017 Date : Saturday 17th June 2017
Toss: Old Pauline CC – 2nd XI won the toss Start Time: 13:00
Ground: Old Pauline Cricket Club Rules Type: Standard

Highlights :

Chanan – 50* Robinson 75*

Result Summary

Result:    Thames Ditton CC – 2nd XI – Win – Time by 6 wickets
Old Pauline CC – 2nd XI Thames Ditton CC – 2nd XI
Score 200 for 8 (50 overs) ‘t’ 203 for 4 (39.1 overs)
Game Points 0 20
Penalty Points 0 0
Batting Points 4 0
Bowling Points 1 0
Total Points 5 20

The 2s Jugger-Natt Keeps Rolling
There are two definitions of ‘juggernaut’ given in the Oxford English Dictionary:  ‘a large heavy vehicle, especially an articulated lorry and ‘a huge, powerful and overwhelming force.’  Either definition could apply to the side led by Amrik Natt on Saturdays.

Let’s start with the second team as a ‘large heavy vehicle’ and see where we go.

If the TDCC 2nd XI is a juggernaut, then their bowling attack provide the wheels to Amrik’s juggernaut, smoothly enabling forward momentum, the base on which progress is possible.

In previous weeks, in timed games bowling second, they have dismissed both Horsley and Send and Whiteley Village.  No easy feat, particularly when the skipper asked them to win the game after winning the toss and choosing to bat. But this trucking captain doesn’t worry about what others think, he just pulls down his woollen hat, pulls the air horn and drives on.

And so with the Sun beating down on a hard ‘road’ of a wicket at Old Paulines on Saturday, the world wondered what Amrik would do if he won the toss.  The world will never know, although the suspicion is he would have batted.

As it was, Old Ps won the toss and again bucking the trend in timed games, chose to bat.

The job of the TDCC bowlers had changed in a coin-toss, from wicket-taking attack to containment.  Their sole job was to give the batsman a target to chase – and on this ‘road’ with a small leg side boundary, a gettable total looked to be well over 200.

And so the bowlers got to work. And work they did. Hauling their heavy load all afternoon in the Sun.  Pradeep struck early, removing Light in the first over, which gave the TD bowlers a taste of blood they never gave up on all afternoon.

All afternoon Amrik manoeuvred his bowlers expertly to restrict the OP’s runs.  This task was made easier with each bowler able to maintain control or take wickets whenever introduced.  And so the skipper was able shift through the gears to keep the pressure on, while never being afraid to take the foot off the gas, push fielders back to ensure easy runs were never given away.

Spells were mainly short bursts allowing strike bowler Pradeep to rest and then re-enter the attack each time with pace.  He ended with 4 wickets. Tamil was held back until he could close off the innings.  It all worked like a dream. Old Ps were restricted to 200 – a target well within the range of the TD batters.  Each of the bowlers was impressive and deserves a mention: Pradeep 4/28 off 13, Morgan 1/48 off 12, Mak 0/28 off 6, Clutterbuck 1/28 off 6, Tamil 1/30 off 9 and Robinson 1/28 off 4.

However, as the 2s batting truck pulled off towards its target, it hit trouble.  Stalling twice when losing Jamie and Owen to short balls, which seemed to skid through.  It was 9/2 when Robinson strode to the wicket.  More showy convertible than monster truck.

He joined StJohn at the crease and the rebuilding work started.  Though the hosts built pressure with focussed fielding and hostile bowling, the quality of the wicket and a short leg-side boundary meant that anything slightly short or full could release the pressure built with a four. And so a counter attack started, partly fuelled by StJohn’s rapid physical decline.  As he visibly wilted in the heat and used this as an excuse to put bat to ball.  On several occasions Robinson, pleaded with deeply earnest, wide-eyes (looking a bit like Marty Feldman’s Igor in Young Frankenstein) for the veteran number three to knuckle down.

God, he can be annoying.

As it was, it was Robinson who called for a run when Farley was on his knees praying for rest and he couldn’t make his ground.  He limped off the ground (looking like Alex Rebar in The Incredible Melting Man (Google it – the resemblance is uncanny)) having made 46.

Still TD needed 106 with 7 wickets and a cargo load of overs in which to get them.

Robinson was joined by Pradeep, who so impressed with a simply brilliant 50 against Horsely and Send in his previous outing for the 2s. And he carried on where he left off two weeks earlier.  Showing studied defence to anything straight and on a good length and yet, punishing anything lose. He and Robinson put together a stand of 90 before he edged behind off Lindsay-Brown just 14 runs short of the target. He had made 49.

Robinson’s contribution to the innings was immense.  There are few more graceful sights in 2s cricket, than ‘Robbo’ in full flow.  The word which springs to mind is always ‘languid’ (back to the dictionary, it’s defined as ‘having or showing a disinclination for physical exertion or effort).  He looks like David Gower in a mirror (or in a fairground hall of mirrors at least), defending stoutly and patiently, waiting for the over-pitched ball to drive at expansively and profitably. This was one of the best 2s knocks seen for a long time.  And it was Robinson who saw the team home, with several overs to spare.  Leaving the pitch on 75 not out.

The Jugger Natt rolls on to Warlingham next week.



Thames Ditton CC – 3rd XI Vs Cobham Avorians CC – 3rd XI

Fixture Details

Type : League: Surrey Championship Central Division – 3rd XI – 2017 Date : Saturday 17th June 2017
Toss: Cobham Avorians CC – 3rd XI won the toss and elected to field Start Time: 13:00
Ground: Old Paulines Rules Type: Standard

Result Summary

Result:    Cobham Avorians CC – 3rd XI – Won: time by 6 wickets
Thames Ditton CC – 3rd XI Cobham Avorians CC – 3rd XI
Score 162 all out (32.3 overs) ‘b’ 166 for 4 (43.2 overs) ‘t’
Game Points 0 20
Penalty Points 0 0
Batting Points 3 0
Bowling Points 1 0
Total Points 4 20

A day that needed more sunscreen but not butter!

It was another nice and sunny afternoon for a match between the bottom two teams on the table, TD 3s Vs Cobham Avorians with Cobham still looking for their first win this season. Cobham won the toss and TD were asked to bat first. Opening with Nic, Jai started scoring quickly with a number of boundaries and a big one over square leg, while Nic scored 2 before getting out bowled to the opening bowler who was till now helping the score with a number of overstepped no balls. In came Campbell and gave good support to blazing Jai and TD were already 70/1 off 10 overs. A change of bowling worked for Cobham as Jai went after the new bowler straightaway only to miss the ball onto his stumps. This started the “domino effect” as Geoff and Dayal departed right behind Jai giving the bowler a hat-trick in his very first over. In came Wallace and showed some good defence with Campbell scoring steadily on the other end bringing their 50 partnership. With Wallace out for 10, Spiler made a quick 15 and Campbell soon followed for a well-made 46. Back at the pavilion, Ollie Johns, due to bat at no. 11 realised he forgot his whites and so padded up with his shorts on. It was time for the second “domino effect” from TD as Ram, Lodge and Ben were out in quick succession taking the score from 152/6 to 162 all out in 31 overs, clearly 40-50 runs short and more importantly giving the opposition 60+ overs to achieve the target.

Tea was eventful as we witnessed the 2s match when Robbo was hit for a huge six that landed on the clubhouse roof halting the play while the ball was fetched. Robbo did come back strong ripping the batsman’s stumps the very next ball, a treat to watch! Eventful tea continued when Jai had a mini heart attack when news of a fifty scored in Chessington came in. Jai just “did not WANT to believe it”!

Back to the 3s game, Spiler and Ben Johns, both back from injury, opened the attack for TD. Spiler bowled a tight line with fielders where he wanted, but was not helped by the number of dropped catches behind the batsman. Spiler finally got his breakthrough as the batsman drove early only to be caught by Nic at short cover. Cobham recovered and made a good partnership for the 2nd wicket well aided by a number of dropped catches off Rajiv and Lodge’s bowling. Ram got the batsman plumb in front of middle the very first ball of his spell only to be called not out by the Umpire. Frustrations all over. Wallace behind the stumps made good use of his pads as his gloves were sweaty. Change of bowling at the other end helped TD as Ollie J got the set batsman out soon followed by another one. In came the hat-trick man for Cobham and he went strong straightaway hitting a boundary almost every over and brought the scores closer. Campbell, reluctant to bowl was brought in by Skipper Jai and to his luck got a breakthrough with Cobham needing less than 20 off 20+ overs. Although in a very comfortable position, desperate to win, Cobham played some cheap tactics by first calling a well-deserved caught and bowled by Lodge as a no ball and then the scorer bumping up the scores. Not to take credit from their batsmen though, as they played sensibly.

Overall a good team effort by TD that just wasn’t enough. As always “Catches win Matches” proved true once again which tells us that we need to degrease the butter off our hands on Tuesdays and Thursdays before getting the sunscreen out on Saturday.


Chessington CC – Saturday 4th XI Vs Thames Ditton CC – 4th XI

Fixture Details

Type : Friendly Date : Saturday 17th June 2017
Toss: Chessington CC – Saturday 4th XI won the toss and elected to field Start Time:
Ground: Sir Francis Barker Ground Rules Type: Standard

Result Summary

Result:    Thames Ditton CC – 4th XI – Won by 59 runs
Chessington CC – Saturday 4th XI Thames Ditton CC – 4th XI
Score 124 all out (24.1 overs) ‘t’ 183 for 6 (35 overs) ‘b’

It has often been said throughout time that a picture is worth a thousand words. Any picture may be worth a thousand words, but only a few rare photos tell more than a thousand words, none more so than in cricket.  They tell a powerful story, a story poignant enough to change the world and galvanise each and every one of us and so it was we arrived in Chessington to do battle once again…….

In a first for 2017, TDCC fielded 4 teams on a Saturday, a fantastic effort, considering fridge gate the previous evening.  Your correspondent was handed the dubious honour of skippering the side, and what a side, yet again a combination of youth, experience and Cassie!!  The day didn’t start well when the skipper received an e-mail from the Colts supremo, Mr Ben Johns, suggesting we may need to be organised as there were a number of players who had yet to pass their driving test, this kicked off a plethora of WhatsApp’s messages between the well-oiled machine that is the 4th XI with answers such as “I’ll get my Aunt to take me”, “I’ll take an Uber”, “I’ll go direct”, even Mr Cricket himself, who wasn’t even paying offered to lend a hand to get the team to Chessington, however, despite all the earlier panic the team arrived in good time……in fact in a bit too good a time as nobody had told us the match started at 1:30pm!!!

Now that the Chessington vs. TDCC fixture is starting to resemble an Ashes series, there is an understanding between the two teams, therefore no toss was required and Mr Legg, the very amiable Chessington captain, offered to field first in a 35 over contest.  This was of great relief to the older members of the team or in other words all those over 14, who didn’t fancy fielding in conditions that resembled an Arabian Desert, in fact it was so hot Vanilla Ice had changed his name to “Vanilla”, in fact at the end of the first over the pitch resembled iconic photo No.1:

Australia’s 2008 Test against India in Delhi was famously halted by a swarm of bees (Getty Images)


Whilst we had a lot of youff in the side, the skipper decided that experience and weight was required early on in our innings and so Andy ‘wheelbarrow’ Cassie and Maughan dragged themselves to the middle.  Cassie started with a lusty blow dispatching their skipper first ball for 4 then running a quick single, Maughany then joined the party and we were 9-0 off the first over, at this rate we were on for scoring 315!!  Unfortunately, after 5 overs normal service was resumed and the aforementioned Legg lived up to his name and hit Cassie’s stump of the same name.  This brought Ed ‘The Audi/Duck’ Vaughan to the middle for his first game of the season, we were not hopeful.  However, after some more strong hitting and with Maughan & Vaughan at the middle, the skipper sat back and resembled iconic photo No.2:

Ian Botham sits and smokes, reminiscing his match winning 149 not out against Australia in 1981 (World Press)

The runs continued to flow until Maughany was hit on the pads and the Rhino’s finger slowly signalled the end to the Maughany & Vaughany show, out LBW or as the book has recorded it LWB!!!  Maughany’s reaction was not dissimilar to the next iconic photo (just replace Lillie with Rhino):

Javed Miandad threatens to hit Dennis Lillee in 1981 at the WACA (Getty Images)

However, at 36-2 things could be worse.  This brought John Malins to the wicket for his 4th team debut (I believe) and what a start, he looked a complete natural stroking the ball to all parts of the ground making a very rapid 28 and moving the score quickly up to 80-3 off 17 overs.  This brought the skipper to the crease, who was clearly abusing his power, some people were heard to mutter it was a takeover not dissimilar to iconic photo no. 4:

In 2008, 10 days after the inaugural IPL season concluded, Allen Stanford landed a helicopter filled with cash at the Lords Stadium to attempt to signal a dawn of a new era in English cricket (Telegraph)

Vaughan and Jones then decided to move things along a little with some lusty blows putting on 40 runs in the next 5 overs before Vaughany was bowled by Strange which was odd.  This brought the Chairman to the crease still reeling from his super sub appearance on the same ground 2 weeks before where he amassed a grand total of 0 runs.  However, starting a game obviously suits him as he batted sensibly and supported Jones who somehow was bludgeoning the Chessington bowlers to all parts of the ground (I am writing this so I can use a little artistic licence!!) or as the 4th XI’s very own live ball by ball correspondent, Mr ‘Cricket’ Packington put it ‘Jones is smashing them all over the place’.

Then in the 30th over something happened that has never happened on any cricket ground anywhere in the world (but mainly Britain), Jones slapped a straight one into the car park to record his first ever half century in all forms of cricket.  This moment was relayed to the world by Dave and the only reaction was and I quote ‘The F**k from an unnamed cricketer in the 1’s who has more than 10,000 runs for the club!!!  However, at that same moment I was thinking the same thing!!!  Mr Chairman was then bowled by Turpin which was day light robbery but in doing so had put on a 50 partnership for the 5th wicket, which must surely be a TDCC record, Dicko over to you!!  That made the score 170-5 off 31 overs.

This brought the first colt of the day to the wicket, making his senior debut Noah Leah-Clarke, he was met by a now exhausted skipper who told him to run for everything as 200 was the target.  However, the luck was to run out and on 56 Jonesy tried to launch the bowler back over his head only to sky it straight into his hands.  Lukas Koehne-Mitchell, playing his 2nd senior match and Noah then added a further 13 runs in the next 3 overs to make the final score a very credible 186-6 off our allotted 35 overs.


Resulting in what must now be one of the most iconic photo’s in world cricket the score book from the day:

June 17th 2017, the day history was made in Chessington (Jonesy’s iPhone)

After a very good tea, which included Jelly Babies, it was out into the heat for the TDCC 4’s.  In an attempt to ensure everyone got a game the opening partnership was Tom Coulson-Smith & Andy ‘Rhino’ Salter.  A more rapid pair of bowlers you could not meet, it reminded me of the next iconic photo:

Curtly Ambrose & Courtney Walsh are given a guard of honour at The Oval after bowling Scotland out for 68 (Daily Mail)


The Chessington batting quickly started to wilt under the pressure and the heat and were 18-3 off 5 overs included a fantastic direct hit run out by Mr ‘I feel ill’ and ‘I need to go by 6 o’clock, which is why I probably wasn’t’ picked for the 3rds’ Cassie.  Tom finished up with figures of 6-0-22-2 and Rhino 5-0-15-1.  A fantastic start.

Next enter the colts, Noah, Lukas and Dan Kennedy, all 3 of them bowled superbly well and had all the Chessington batsman in trouble, even when things started to get tough and Maughany went to sleep on the boundary, none of them gave up or dropped their heads.  Between then them swept away 5 of the Chessington attack, with Noah in his first senior game picking up 2 wickets in 4 overs for 17 runs.  Lukas also pushed on from his previous game picking up 2 for 23 off 3, including a fantastic catch by the now awake Mr Maughan.

At 87 for 9 we all thought victory and a well-earned pint/J20 (other soft drinks are available) was in sight.  However, Chessington decided they were not going down without a fight and took a fancy to Maughany’s bowling which appeared to be friendlier than some of the jelly babies served up for tea.  At 122 for 9 the skipper needed to take control.  So on he came from the pavilion end and 1 ball later victory was secured, Chessington finishing on 124 all out after 24.1 overs, Maughany finishing with figures of 3-0-16-0 and Jones 0.1-0-0-1.

So, a fantastic effort by all, everyone contributed to the victory and once again all the colts looked entirely comfortable with senior cricket.  Again, thanks must go to Chessington who are a pleasure to play against.  However, I believe that great one-eyed songstress Gabrielle best sums up the day with the words:

Dreams can come true

Look at me babe I’m in the middle

You know you gotta have hope, you know you got to have fun

You know you gotta be strong, you know you got to be strong

Yeah yeah yeah yeh eh eh eh

Yeah yeah yeah eh

You know you got to have fun

You know you got to be strong


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